About Linda

Photo: Susanne Kvarnlöf

My name is Linda Hedenljung and I’m an investigative journalist at the local newspaper Östersunds-Posten and an amateur artist and nature photographer.

I’m mostly taking macro photos and I’m mostly painting bugs in acrylic on canvases in my special mosaic style. It’s like a cubism but with triangles.

I started painting during the summer of 2016. And at first it was only beetles on leftover wood flooring. But a neighbour gave me a canvas and I was totally stuck. At first I painted some sort of beetle saints. Strange? Yes, I know!

The idea to paint with triangles came one day when I was thinking about my childhood dream to be an artist. I wanted to own an easel and brushes with long handles. It took  me 30 years to reach that goal. When I was a child I used to sit and follow the lines on small checkered paper, like the sort one uses in math classes, and make all sorts of robots. And then I thought: Beetles also have quite sharp edges. So it began and now I don’t seem to know how to stop.

Remember the copyright! Email me at linda@hedenljung.se if you are interested in a photo or a painting.